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Episode 42 — Food Insecurity
Recorded July 12, 2014. Dr. Angela Odoms-Young, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Ted Lucore, a volunteer with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, explore the dimensions and consequences of hunger in America. For more information on the subject, see:

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Episode 41 — Drop Student Debt
Recorded June 29, 2014. Liz Henderson, chair of DSA’s Drop Student Debt Campaign and co-chair of Greater Philadelphia DSA, is interviewed by Chicago DSA co-chair Bill Barclay. Just what is the magnitude of the problem, who owes education debt, why is it a problem, and what have DSA chapters and at-large members been doing about it?

For more information, see:

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Episode 40 — Disability and Poverty
Recorded June 14, 2014. Disability rights activists Tom Wilson, Rene David Luna, and Susan Aarup explore the relation between disability and poverty. They touch on the issues of independent living, poverty programs that place barriers to employment, discrimination, theAmericans with Disabilities Act, sub-minimum wages, and more. 

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Episode 39 — Pope Francis: Poverty and Social Justice
Recorded May 10, 2014. With the new Pope Francis, how has this changed the conversation about poverty and social justice? What has changed in the Catholic Church, and what has stayed the same? Our guests for this program are Sisters Kathleen Desautels and Dorothy Pagosa from the 8th Day Center for Justice. Sandra Shimon does the interview.

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Episode 38 — Life & Taxes: The Political Economy of Taxes
Recorded April 12, 2014. No matter what we say we value or desire, what we tax, who we tax, and how we spend those taxes provide a measure true beyond any rhetoric. Bill Barclay,Chicago DSA co-chair and member of the Chicago Political Economy Group, gives an overview of U.S. taxes and the balance of power between the classes. Peg Strobel does the interview.

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Episode 37 — Immigration Reform: What’s Next?
Recorded March 8, 2014. With comprehensive immigration reform dead in the water (and withSB 744 of dubious value in any case), where do we go from here? Marcella Hernandez of theImmigrant Youth Justice League provides a perspective from the immigrant youth movement.Carl Rosen, President of United Electrical Workers Western Region, discusses the issue from the stand point of labor.

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (31.3 MB). (34:13)

Episode 36 — Illinois’ War on Poverty: 50 Years On
Recorded February 8, 2014. This is Talkin’ Socialism’s first program on the War on Poverty, Fifty Years On. Our guests are Amy Terpstra, Associate Director of the Social IMPACT Research Center at the Heartland Alliance, and Kimberly Drew, Policy Associate at the Heartland Alliance. The Social IMPACT Research Center had just released a study on the War on Poverty in Illinois, 1964 and 2014. Terpstra and Drew discuss poverty in Illinois in 1964 and how it has changed in 2014. How is poverty measured? How might programs designed for poverty in 1964 miss the mark in 2014? How do these programs affect the level of poverty?

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (34.5 MB). (35:53)

Episode 35 — The U.S. Economy in 2013
Recorded January 11, 2014, Bill Barclay and Ron Baiman of the Chicago Political Economy Group (and Chicago DSA) examine the continued inadequate and erratic performance of the economy for the 99%, explore the dangers of an economy dominated by financial “services” (rentiers) but find some flowers amid the snow.

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (28.2 MB). (29:20)

Episode 34 — We Need National Health Insurance
Recorded 12.14.2013: Sheilah Garland and Dr. Anne Scheetz confront the chaos of “ObamaCare” and advocate for “single-payer” national health insurance. For more information, Dr Scheetz prescribes “Single-Payer FAQ“, Healthcare Now, the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer HealthcareMedicare for All, “When in Hotel, First Do No Harm“.

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (31 MB). (33:51)

Episode 33 — “The Feminine Mystique” at 50
Recorded 11.07.2013: features DSA National Vice Chair Chris Riddiough who, interviewed by Peg Strobel, takes a retrospective look at Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique. How does the book read today? What did it mean to the women who read it then? The conversation ranges from the National Organization for Women to the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, from consciousness raising groups to the Equal Rights Amendment, and more.

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (24.7 MB). (26:57)

Episode 32 — Why Be a Socialist in the 21st Century?
Recorded 08.30.2013: Is there a difference between “social democracy”, “socialism”, and “democratic socialism”? How applicable is European social democracy to the United States? What about DSA? And, yeah: Why be a socialist in the 21st century? Bill Barclay interviews DSA National Vice Chair Joe Schwartz.

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.1 MB). (32:51)

Episode 31 — Democratic Equality
Recorded 08.30.2013: Dee Wernette interviews Joseph M. Schwartz on his award-winning book,The Future of Democratic Equality.

Part 1 — What is “democratic equality”? How has the struggle for equality succeeded — or has it? Do the means of struiggle for equality present an obstacle to equality? How does political theory contribute to political change?

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (28.7 MB). (29:52)

Part 2 — Solidarity: What is it? What are its boundaries? How does it intersect with freedom, class and other identities?

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (28.5 MB) (29:42)

Episode 30 — The Trans Pacific Partnership
Recorded 08.10.2013: The Trans Pacific Partnership: What is it? Why is it being concocted in secret? How might it affect you? Tom Broderick interviews Celeste Larkin, Public Policy Coordinator for the Chicago Religious Leadership Network and an activist with the Illinois Fair Trade Coalition. For more information, Larkin suggests Flush the TPP!Citizens Trade CampaignElectronic Frontier FoundationIllinois Fair Trade Coalition, and her own Chicago Religious Leadership Network. Some recent developments are recounted in Democracy Now on secrecy and the expanding scope of the agreement and on how it would nullify corporate regulations. For those concerned, Larkin asks that you contact your U.S. Representative to ask they join a “dear colleague” letter expressing serious concerns about the lack of Congressional consultation. 

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (41.2 MB) or OGG VORBIS (51.6 MB). (44:57)

Episode 29 — A New Era
Recorded 07.13.2013: Peg Strobel interviews Armando Robles and Ricky Maclin from the New Era Windows Cooperative, a new worker-owned enterprise formed out of the famous Republic Windows plant occupation and subsequent Serious Engery bankruptcy. Robles and Maclin talk about how the coop was formed with the assistance of The Working World and their union,United Electrical Workers, and the transformation this has made in their lives. (35:25)

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Episode 28 — Someone Like Me
Recorded 06.08.2013: Meet Cathy Youngblood, a housekeeper at the Hyatt Andaz in West Hollywood. She has been running to be added to the Hyatt board with the support of the UNITE HERE union through a campaign called “Someone Like Me.” Crisscrossing the country since 2012, Youngblood has been speaking to workers and community leaders about the need for strong worker board representation to help correct years of abuses at Hyatt. This will, she argues, make it a better hotel for the people who work there, the families who stay there, and the shareholders who have seen the formidable chain decline in revenue and value recently. Interviewed by Tom Broderick. (32:57)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30 MB) or OGG VORBIS (38 MB).

Episode 27 — Labor Education
Recorded 05.11.2013: Emily Rosenberg and Bob Breving discuss labor education. In particular, they talk about the DePaul Labor Education Program that has some unique and some nearly unique features, including a program for high schools. (27:30)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (25.2 MB) or OGG VORBIS (29.6 MB).

Episode 26 — Organizing Amid the Wreckage of the Wagner Act
Recorded 04.13.2013: Leah Fried of the United Electrical Workers and Stephen Yokich ofCornfield and Feldman discuss so-called “right-to-work” laws: the consequences for organizing and maintaining unions, how the spread of these laws are a part of a broader attack on unions, how does U.S. labor law compare with other countries. (48:53)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (45 MB) or OGG VORBIS (54 MB).

Episode 25 — Cleaning Up After ICE
Recorded 03-09-2013: Colleen Dille and Michael Gosch from the Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrants discuss how migrants and refugees released from Federal custody have often lost everything while finding themselves hundreds of miles from home. Volunteers from the Post-Detention Accompaniment Network are there to help get them home. For additional information, visit Detention Watch NetworkNational Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Protection. (28:34)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (26.2 MB) or OGG VORBIS (31.8 MB).

Episode 24 — Sex Workers of the World
Recorded 02.09.2013: In which we interview two activists from the Sex Workers Outreach Project — Chicago (SWOP – Chicago). What is sex work? Who are sex workers? What part does SWOP – Chicago play in organizing them? CLICK HERE for readings. (30:35)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (29.6 MB).

Episode 23 — Jane Addams
Recorded 01.12.2013: Peg Strobel, former director of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum at the University of Illinois at Chicago, interviews Louise (Lucy) W. Knight, author of Citizen: Jane Addams and the Struggle for Democracy (2005) and Jane Addams: Spirit in Action (2010). They discuss the work and legacy of Jane Addams, social reformer, co-founder of the most famous settlement house in the U.S., and the first U.S. woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The discussion ranges from settlement houses (what were they?), to Jane Addams and socialism (was she?), to her latter career as a feminist peace activist with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. (30:34)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (29.2 MB).

Episode 22 — Labor in Higher Education
Recorded 12.08.2012, featuring Holly Graff, Professor of Philosophy at Oakton Community College and Senator in the Illinois Education Association chapter at the college; and Joe Persky, Professor of Economics at University of Illinois at Chicago and President of United Faculty, affiliated with both the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors. How can unions held defend higher education in today’s political economy? Can labor help keep post-secondary education democratic and accessible? This episode’s host is GOPDSA’s Bill Barclay. For more background on the subject, Joe Persky recommends Academic Capitalism and the New Economy by Sheila Slaughter and Gary Rhoades. Also see the Fall, 2012, issue of Dissent Magazine. (32:37)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.2 MB).

Episode 21 — Community Gardens and Building Community
Recorded 11.10.2012, featuring Julie Samuels and Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa. Julie Samuels coordinates Openlands‘ GardenKeepers Community Food Garden Network training program. Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa is the Chicago Southwest Community Programs Coordinator for theConsortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children. They discuss using land in the city for community benefit through community gardens: restored natural environments, healthy local food, social and cultural experiences and safer neighborhoods. (31:37)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.4 MB).

Episode 20 — Closing TAMMS
Recorded 09.05.2012: featuring Ted Pearson of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and Stephen Eisenman of TAMMS Year Ten. They discuss the effort to close Illinois’ supermax prison; why they want to close it; and some of the politics surrounding the issue when human rights collide with solidarity. (34:55)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (32 MB).

Episode 19 — Why America Needs a Robin Hood Tax
Recorded 07.14.2012: Chicago DSA’s Bill Barclay and National Nurses United’s Jan Rodolfo talk the about Financial Transactions Tax: What it is, what it is not, how it would work, why America needs one, and what difference would it make. Does $350 billion sound good to you? Be sure to sign the online petition for an Illinois tax. (29:54)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (27.4 MB).

Episode 18 — The Chicago Workers Collaborative
Recorded 08.11.2012: Bill Barclay interviews Leone Jose Bicchieri, Executive Director of theChicago Workers Collaborative, about activism, organizing, and the work of the Chicago Workers Collaborative. (33:24)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.6 MB).

Episode 17 — Iran & the Drumbeats for War
Recorded 06.09.2012: Author, activist, and Communications Specialist for Stand Up! Chicago, Danny Postel, and author, activist, and Professor of Sociology and Islamic World Studies aat Lake Forest College, Ahmad Sadri, discuss the threats of war against Iran and Iranian civil society. (36:06)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (35 MB).

Episode 16 — Hyatt Hurts
Recorded 04.14.2012: Reverend Douglas Asbury, a Methodist Minister at Riverside United Methodist Church and member of the Methodist Hyatt Boycott Committee, and Jose Espinoza, a worker at Hyatt McCormick Place for 8 years, discuss UNITE HERE’s boycott of Hyatt. (32:48)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30 MB).

Episode 15 — Your Rights to Protest in Chicago
Recorded 05.12.2012: Chicago DSA’s Tom Broderick interviews Melinda Power, sole proprietor of West Town Law Office, about protest and civil rights with a special focus on the current NATO protests. (30:55)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (28.3 MB).

Episode 14 — Lost Prophet
Recorded 03.10.2012: Chicago DSA’s Michael Baker interviews John D’Emilio, author of Lost Prophet: the Life and Times of Bayard Rustin and professor of history and women’s and gender studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, about the life and legacy of Bayard Rustin. (35:03)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (32.1 MB).

Episode 13 — Economic Democracy
Recorded 02.11.2012: Ron Baiman interviews Loyola University Philosophy Professor David Schweickart on “economic democracy” and “market socialism”. (31:55)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.6 MB).

Episode 12 — Whither the Economy?
Recorded 01.14.2012: Chicago Political Economy Group economists Ron Baiman and Bill Barclay read the entrails. (33:49)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (30.9 MB).

Episode 11 — Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health
Recorded 12.10.2011: Chicago DSA’s Peg Strobel interviews Gaylon Alcaraz and Veronica Arreola about the Chicago Abortion Fund. (35:09)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (32.2 MB).

Episode 10 — Karl Marx: a World to Win
Recorded 11.19.2011: Chicago DSA member Michael Aubry interviews Chicago DSA Political Education Director, Bill Pelz, about his new biography of Karl Marx. (43:17)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (39.6 MB).

Episode 9 — We Are the Alternative: an Introduction to DSA
Recorded 09.10.2011: Chicago DSA’s Bill Barclay interviews DSA’s new National Director, Maria Svart, who talks about the Democratic Socialists of America, the Young Democratic Socialists, the importance of socialism, and how she came to be involved with DSA. (31:52)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (29.2 MB).

Episode 8 — 21st Century Organizing
Recorded 07.09.2011: Adam Kader, Worker Center Director for Arise Chicago, and Dianne Enriquez, Worker Center Network Coordinator for Interfaith Worker Justice, discuss worker centers and how organizing for them differs from unions and community organizations. (34:05)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (31.2 Mb).

Episode 7 — Stonewall and After
Recorded 06.25.2011: Jeanne Kracher, Executive Director of the Crossroads Fund, and John D’Emilio, Professor of History and Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, discuss the Stonewall Riots and Queer politics after. Suggested Reading 1Suggested Reading 2. (29:38)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (27.1 Mb).

Episode 6 — The Transnational Right
Recorded 05.07.2011: Margaret Power, author and professor of history at the Illinois Institute of Technology, discusses transnational right-wing movements, with an emphasis on women’s movements. Power is interviewed by Chicago DSA’s Bill Barclay. (29:17)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (26.8 Mb).

Episode 5 — The Day Will Come
Recorded 04.02.2011: Larry Spivack, President of the Illinois Labor History Society, and Mark Rogovin, author of The Day Will Come, discuss the 125th Anniversary of the Haymarket Tragedy and its significance and the restoration of the Haymarket Martyrs’ monument. (34:50)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (31.9 Mb).

Episode 4 — Socialist Feminism
Recorded 03.12.2011: Judy Gardiner, Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies at Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago, and Peg Strobel, Professor Emeritus of Gender and Women’s Studies at Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago, discuss socialist feminism. (28:17)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (25.9 Mb).

Episode 3 — Religion and Socialism
Recorded 02.12.2011: Gene Birmingham, a retired minister of the United Church of Christ, and Maggie Shreve, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, discuss religion and socialism. (29:05)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (26.6 Mb).

Episode 2 — Ending the Death Penalty
Recorded 01.08.2011: Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty board members Chris Lynch and Tom Broderick discuss the effort to abolish the death penalty in Illinois and in the nation. (28:57)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (26Mb).

Episode 1 — If This Is a Recovery, Where Are the Jobs?
Recorded 12.11.2010: Economists Ron Baiman and Bill Barclay discuss the financial-economic crisis, a financial transaction tax, and a jobs bill proposed by Representative John Conyers. Hosted by Michael Baker. (31:10)

Listen or (right-click) Download: MP3 (29Mb).




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