Episode 44 — Poverty in America

Recorded September 13, 2014. Dr. Kim Scipes is interviewed by Greater Oak Park DSA’s Tom Broderick. What is the measure of poverty in America? While a few Americans are doing very well indeed, is there more poverty now or less? If, under capitalism, the poor will always be with us, how does our country compare to other industrialized states? And why? Hint: It’s no accident.

Dr. Scipes is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Purdue University North Central in Westville, Indiana, although he lives in Logan Square in Chicago. Along with teaching courses on Race & Ethnic Diversity, Sociology of the Media, Environment and Social Justice, Social Movements, and Developing Countries in a Globalizing World, Dr. Scipes teaches Social Stratification, which is a course on income inequality. He is a long-time labor and social justice activist, and a familiar face among Chicago activists.

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Episode 43 — The Criminal Record Is the New Jim Crow

Recorded August 9, 2014. Ruth McBeth, an Assistant Public Defender for Cook County and an activist with The Next Movement, and Anthony Lowery, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Safer Foundation, discuss the vicious feedback cycle of poverty and crime and incarceration, with a special focus on Illinois. The program proper is 30 minutes but includes an extended question and answer session. For more information on the subject, see:

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