French Cinema after May ’68

Student protests in the streets of Paris in May 1968 set off a chain reaction of civil unrest and labor activism that, to one degree or another, died out less than a month later. We weren’t there, so we watched the films by the people who were, and tried to figure out our place in that history. We watched and discussed three films:

Chicago 1968 – Fifty Years Later

Fifty years after Chicago was rocked by popular demonstrations and police violence, we look back at a year that changed our city. Through the month of May, we’ll be interviewing the people who were there on the street when the police charged in, and publishing episodes about the legacies of the youth movement, international parallels and the utopian thinking of that year. Our first interview is Chicago documentary filmmaker Peter Kuttner, who spoke to us at this year’s May Day march.

Religion and Atheism

Philip Dinolfo leads a roundtable on religion and atheism in socialism. We speak to Kimball Avenue Church pastor Bruce Ray and lead organizer for Seminarians for Justice, Samantha Nichols.

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The Rojava Revolution

Seven long years of civil war in Syria have displaced millions of people and empowered terrorists groups such as the Islamic State. But amid the chaos, a Kurdish-led coalition in the northern part of the country has established a self-governing democracy known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, or Rojava, dedicated to a socialist feminist vision of society built around grassroots civic participation. In this episode, Chicago DSA’s Charles Austin speaks about the movement for democracy and equality in Syria with activists in Chicago and a member of the YPG combat forces in Rojava.

Housing in Chicago

Whose house? Talkin’ Socialism’s house! A brand new episode with a whole bunch of people talking about housing in Chicago.

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