Electoral Working Group

For this episode we spoke to very busy CDSA Electoral Working co-chair Ada Vargas. We started out discussing the recent action at Gary International Airport that stopped deportation flights for the day and brought media attention to the issue. Then we talked about what the election of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez means for Chicago politics, particularly the 2019 Aldermanic and Mayoral elections.

Danny Postel Interviews Gilbert Achcar

MENA Assistant Director, Northwestern University and DSA member Danny Postel interviews author Gilbert Achcar on the subject of the continuing consequences of the Arab Spring and Achcar’s most recent book, Morbid Symptoms. Recorded July 10, 2018 at After-Words Books in Chicago.



Toxic Masculinity

The noisy socialist feminists are back and they’re talking Incels, Loss memes, lobsters, feminism for men and taking off their shirts


rape threats/ sexual assault, violence against women