Episode 59 — Reproductive Justice

Recorded December 12, 2015. Peg Strobel interviews three activists from the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF): Brittany Mostiller-Keith, the Fund’s Executive Director, and CAF board members Lindsay Budzinski and Sekile Nzinga-Johnson. They discuss the history of the CAF, how it operates, and most especially the concept of Reproductive Justice, including ongoing efforts to repeal the notorious “Hyde Amendment” that prohibits any Federal funding of abortion. The proposed legislation, sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee of California, would insure abortion coverage under Medicaid and other insurance programs.

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For More Information:

Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2015 (search for HR 2972 at the Library of Congress)

National Network of Abortion Funds

Chicago Abortion Fund

Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health

Repeal Hyde Art Project (The graphics above are the work of Megan J. Smith. You can see — and buy — more of her work at the project.)


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Chicago Democratic Socialists of America

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