Episode 52 – The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Mother Jones
The Most Dangerous Woman in America!

Recorded April 27, 2015. According to West Virginia district attorney Reese Blizzard, that would be Mary Harris Jones, aka “Mother Jones.” And just who was Mother Jones and why was she so dangerous? What was Mother Jones’ role in the American Railway Union’s Pullman Strike? What was her relation to the women’s movement of the early 20th Century? How did her radicalism relate to her Irish heritage? How is her legacy and work with the miners’ unions to be remembered at the Mother Jones Museum in Mt. Olive, Illinois? And what was it with Gene Autry, anyway?

In this episode of Talkin’ Socialism, Peg Strobel interviews Rosemary Feurer, Associate Professor of History at Northern Illinois University and Director of the Mother Jones Heritage Project.

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