Episode 48 — It’s Still Stagnation

Employment & Recessions
From Chicago Political Economy Group’s November, 2014, Jobs Report

Recorded January 10, 2015 — Chicago DSA members and Chicago Political Economy Group founding members Ron Baiman and Bill Barclay do a review of the 2014 economy and look ahead to 2015.

labor force participation
From St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, labor force participation.

The financial sector may be back, but wages have not grown; there’s no real surge in investment: It’s still stagnation.

Wages and Productivity
Wages and productivity

Is this a permanent condition? Baiman and Barclay look at the work of New School economist Lance Taylor in response to Thomas Piketty that suggests that, unless countered by vigorous public policy or very fortunate circumstances, stagnation may be be our future.

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