Depression and Capitalism

Frank Diekman, Eleanor Russell and Erik Wenzel came to the studio to discuss the emotional and psychological effects of capitalism on the people inside it.


Housing in Chicago

Whose house? Talkin’ Socialism’s house! A brand new episode with a whole bunch of people talking about housing in Chicago.

Autonomous Tenant’s Union –
Lift the Ban Coalition –
Jonathan Projansky –
Loreen Targos –
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Leftist Dating ** NSFW (Noisy Socialist Feminist Women)**

This week we sat down with some of CDSA’s most vocal feminists about their experiences as single leftists in the dating world. We got deep into the politics of dating apps, the importance of communication, non-traditional relationship set-ups and our hopes for a more socialist feminist future. But mostly we just cracked each other up.

Featuring Sarah Hurd, Lucie Macias, Rachel Zibrat and Laura Colaneri

**Things get pretty steamy so listener discretion is advised